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"Rumford Specific" Hard to Find Products
(Sometimes, but not often, carried by our masonry materials dealers)

Refractory Mortar
Castable Refractory
Screens & Tools
Gas Logs
Fireplace Doors
Fireplace Cranes
Andirons & Grates
Clay Ovens
Peels & Oven Accessories
Flame Broil Barbeques
Indian Tandoor Ovens
Log Racks
T Shirts & Hats
Good Intentions
Book Store
Chimney Top Dampers
Rain Caps
Firebrick sizes & colors
- Glazed Firebrick
- Firebrick Stain
- Panelized Herringbone
- Soapstone Firebrick
Ash/Air/Cleanout Doors
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Metal Chimneys
Power Venting
Make-up Air System
Rumford Fireplace and Masonry Chimney Components
Other Related Fireplace Products
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