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Masonry materials dealers are the lifeblood of the residential masonry industry. We depend on the service, marketing efforts, availability of product and competitive prices a good stocking dealer provides.

In return we offer you competitive dealer pricing and dealer support. We advertise nationally, provide sales literature and technical support for you and your customers, help with building codes and emissions regulations, make sales calls, host workshops for your staff and work with you to develop sales presentations for your mason, builder, architect and homeowner customers.

Check our list of dealers to make sure you are listed and the listing is current. Notice that we also have lists of masons, builders and architects who have built or designed Rumfords. Many of them are probably already your customers. Please use these lists. Treat them as valuable contacts who already know about and like our masonry products. Help us keep the lists current and useful. There's nothing more likely to squelch a sale than a homeowner who wants our product but gets turned off after calling a dealer or mason or builder only to find our listing isn't accurate or current.

When placing an order for a Rumford fireplace you might find our Components page useful - especially lists of all the components and materials (and options) needed to build each of the Rumford fireplace sizes.

You can also use our on line Rumford Store where we have assembled some "Rumford specific" after-market items like tall screens and gas logs. Just identify yourself as our dealer on the pop-up Order Form and we will contact you about dealer discounts. If you already carry, or if you want to carry these aftermarket products, let us know. We would always rather refer customers to you and will only sell directly if we can't find a dealer who's willing to sell the product.

If you don't already have an account with us fill out our on line Credit Application, send it in and let's get started!

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