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Thought maybe you could put these photos on the web somewhere. Stephen Richards, the instructor at Alfred State College, is a great promoter of Rumfords.

Conducted yearly workshop there this week. 5th workshop there.

Dana Martini, Superior Clay

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Date: 7/28/06
From: "Richard, Stephen B" - RicharSB@alfredstate.edu
Cc: "Richardson, George H" - RICHARGH@alfredstate.edu
Hi Jim,

Here is the rumford fireplace my senior masons((05-06) did in house #46. Our building trades students builds a house every year.

Please include on your website.

Stephen Richard
Masonry Instructor
Alfred State College

And on 9/2/06

Just wanted to know if you could get this 40" Rumford built by sr. masonry class @ Alfred State College, Wellsville NY on your website. I teach Rumford fireplace building with Superior Clay Products info. and parts. Each year our sr. class builds one of these to go in the upscale homes our building trades students build for the local area.

I have my students search through your web-site when we teach fireplace design. It would be great to have them find what last years class did. Also each student designs and builds a mockup Rumford fireplace in the lab.

I sent in the photo earlier and maybe you didn't have time to get it in. Thank you for all you do for the craft of masonry.

Stephen Richard
Assoc. Professor Masonry


Sorry I missed your earlier message. Of course we are very pleased that you teach and promote Rumford fireplace building and I have put your pictures on line at http://www.rumford.com/AlfredCollege.html

We too have been teaching masons how to build Rumfords and, with our dealers, have developed a "Rumford Certification Program" described on our website at http://www.rumford.com/certification/index.htm Our objective is to make sure masons know how to build Rumfords so we can refer them to our home owner and builder customers with confidence.

We have quickly found out that we cannot train all the masons who want to build Rumfords so we have decided to "certify" any mason trained to build Rumfords by the various schools and unions that do include building a Rumford in the curriculum.

If you have any students you would be confident in sending out to build a Rumford we would be glad to list that mason as "certified". Hopefully this could be a tangible benefit to Alfred State College and its masonry students. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,
Jim Buckley*

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