Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
Chef Amos Miller's Rumford

48" Corner Cooking Rumford - pictures of House and Chimney
Masonry by Gene Deubner, Quality Masonry - Iron work by Ted Ferringer

Hello, Jim -

Completed my project, a 48" Rumford with an extended cooking hearth (I'm a professional chef), and I was thrilled to 'fire it up'.

Although I'll be using 36" seasoned firewood regularly, I made the first fire with a simple store-bought package of 6 12" pieces of wood. I figured if there were to be any issues, a small fire and a little smoke in the room would be preferable to the alternative. I should have had more confidence. Not only was it a one match start, but the draw was awesome - straight up and out, no smoke in the room at all and great radiant heat. In fact, I felt heat on the back firewall the next morning, when the small pile of ash was totally cold.

Thanks to you and Superior Clay Corp, and especially to the magnificent finishing done by Gene Deubner out of Vandalia, Michigan, his son, Zack and their right hand man, Ryan, I've had a dream come true.

Perfect job all around. Thanks for all your help!

Very warmest regards,

Chef Amos Miller
Walnut Ridge Farm Foods LLC
Cassopolis, MIchigan

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