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Lester Baker, Pro-Point Restoration,LLC
Gets most of his "side work" from our website
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010
From: lester
Subject: listing on your web site
To: jeannie@rumford.com


Thank you for your follow up phone call today. I totally forgot about updating Rumford.com, Its been a really busy year. I was a field operations manager for a masonry restoration contractor for 10 years. I ran 10 crews with a total of 60 employees. On the side , i did 2 or 3 fireplaces a year for some extra money. (with 6 kids you can never have enough money!) I owe Rumford.com a big THANK YOU, as 2/3's of my side work came from your website.

The restoration company i worked for decided to start shutting down in the winter months, so my side work turned into a full time job as of last November. Things have exploded, we have six figures in contracts for this up-coming year so far and its only march. In this economy i would never have expected as much.

We have 1 contract now with the national park service for 100% re-point of a gatehouse, its at Lowell National historic park. we are in the process of bidding other jobs for the park service as well. We have even had calls to bid on jobs at Wolf Creek and Arlington national cemeteries, in Washington D.C.

Anyway, I've rambled enough, just wanted to say thanks to you great folks for promoting my old and new companies. Please see attached for some company info. our website is www.propointrestoration.com my email is lb@propointrestoratio.com

Lester Baker
Pro-Point Restoration,LLC
14 Hill Top Drive
Pittsfield, New Hampshire
phone 603-435-5113
fax 603-435-5114

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