Herbert Rueppel at Cappyccino's

5011 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 210 828 9669

"Cappy Lawton*, restaurateur, has introduced San Antonians to such successful concepts as EZ's, Mama's, Cappy's, Cappycino's and, most recently, La Fonda on Main, which adds Mex-Mex to Tex-Mex" - San Antonio Express-News.

Nice tribute by Paul Gibbs of Adams Mark hotels.

EZ's Brick Oven & Grill, chain all started by Cappy, all feature wood-fired ovens. Also La Fonda on Main - oldest & best Mexican restaurant in San Antonio, 2145 North Main Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78212. 210 733 0621)

Evaluation: Oven, about 36" in diameter is small and used mostly for pizza. Built by a German master from Vancouver, BC. Cast over mold of sand. Lots of Kaowool insulation. Clean design - hearth shelf - cast iron doors. Ridges and concave portion of dome help increase and distribute heat. Cappy said oven could not be heated above 400 or 500 degrees - probably because doors must be open since flue outside doors. After about five years dome caved in. Needs cleanout door open a little for draft. Note doors are quite dirty - Cappy doesn't think glass door would be an asset.

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