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From: John Conte
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003
Subject: Outdoor Rumford
To: buckley@rumford.com


We now specify rumford fireplaces in all of our projects due to aesthetic qualities. Sorry that the lighting on these is so awful. Will re-photograph and send new ones when I get a chance.

Thank you for the compliments on our fireplace/pizza oven/bar-b-que. Also, thanks for thinking of the masons that had to put that thing together. It was really a tough one. In fact, we actually built a scale model of it out of clay prior to construction just to figure out all of the lines and curves. Notice that the pizza oven turret doesn't seem to have a chimney. The flue was carefully angled to just make it into the chimney of the fireplace but give the impression that it does not exist. We joke about how this little ensemble reminds us of a small Cotswold village with all of the different roof lines. The house that belongs to this outdoor fireplace is just in its finishing stages now, so I will definitely be photographing this piece again. Then I will send you an improved shot with a fire. I will also be able to give you some feedback on its usage once it gets broken in.

Thanks for your interest.

By the way, My wife and I own a landscape construction company (Fairfield House & Garden) in addition to our Landscape Architecture firm (Conte & Conte). The photo you have is a collaboration of the two, so the masons consist of our own crews.

John & Kim Conte

Conte & Conte Landscape Architects
32 Dairy Road
Greenwich, CT 06830
203 869 1400 (fax 203 552 6915)
John R. Conte - Landscape Architecture.

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