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Davis Dog House
With Miniature Rumford Fireplace

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Omar Davis Hi my im omar davis from dallas,tx. This picture is a miniature size of a rumford design fireplace. That i had build in my dog house. My first fireplace i ever built and all the research i did rumford seems to be the best. It don't smoke in side the dog it works perfect.

Now have you ever seen a dog house like this? My first time doing masonry work. Me and my wife got our first dog and what i end up building. All the material is salvage from old builds. A real all brick structure with load bearing walls.

These are some more pictures of th outside of the dog house

This is the owner her name is Kascy

Omar Davis


Pretty cool. Do you get into the dog house to build fires for Kascy or can she build fires herself?

Jim Buckley

I go in the dog house and start the fires. Then i go back in the house. I built the fireplace to keep the dog warm and save me money. I build the dog house to be independent from the main house. All the walls and ceiling is insulated.

Oman - Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's a great dog house, a great story and I'll bet a great dog. - Jim Buckley

It's 5' 11" wide and 4' 10" long and about 4' tall inside. So it's big enough to move around easy. Im just 5 ' 5" tall so it's big enough for me to do work in there. This picture is before i add the fireplace.

This is the hold i knock out for the fireplace. I use a mixture of bricks for the fireplace. Some firebricks some old late 18 century red clay bricks and old street pavers. I wanted a old looking fireplace look. The fires burn hot and strong. I had about 40 fires and it's holding up great. The flue is a old clay pipe from a pump station. All the bricks wood and spanish tile i got for free from demolition site. To most peolpe this is just trach.

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