Pocock Double GPRAP212M79J



Stan Pocock, at the Festival, said the double was built for lightweights or women since the stretchers were sloped (so you don't hit your calfs when set short). He also thought it was built in 1979 and said that any cross-braced double can be rigged as a pair.

Double Rigging

One morning after a row, Roger and I walked into a coffee shop and I ordered a "triple latte". The barista suggested a "ristretto" instead - strong, not bitter, "ristretto" means to "pull short". Well, that's what we had been doing in the double! So we thought "Ristretto" would be an appropriate name for our lovely nameless double.

Five us (Lorna, Roger, Larry, Ted and Jim) bought a Pocock double in 2003(?) for $3,000 from Barbara Gregory "barbara_gregory@yahoo.com" through the LWRC. A few months later Mike Kennedy bought Lorna's share*. In 2022 Roger dropped out and Jim M stepped in. Current owners:Ted, Jim B, Larry, Mike and Jim M. The tail numbers are GPRAP212M79J

GPR makes it a Pocock. P means it's a pair/double. 212th boat built that year. M means mid-weight or mens lightweight. Built in October (J), 1979.

My wooden (Harper) Pocock sculls are 118" (9'-10") long with 33.5" (2'-9.5") inboard. My wooden (LWRC) Pocock sculls are 115" (9'-7") long with 33" (2'-9") inboard.

Boathouse Storage Rates at NWMC for 2024
Double $960/yr divided by five owners (Ted, Jim B, Larry, Mike and Jim M) is $192 each.

Double Rigging
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