Double Rigging


Five us (Lorna, Roger, Larry, Ted and Jim) bought a Pocock double for $3,000 from Barbara Gregory "" through the LWRC. The tail numbers are GPRAP212M79J

GPR makes it a Pocock. P means it's a pair/double. 212th boat built that year. M means mid-weight or mens lightweight. Built in October (J), 1979.

It's 31'-8" long with the pins set about 61" apart. The width at the gunwailes at the stroke pins is 1'-5 1/4" - at the bow pins, 1'-6", so the riggers are not the same. Station is 52" long as measured between bow and stroke pins.

My wooden (Harper) Pocock sculls are 118" (9'-10") long with 33.5" (2'-9.5") inboard. My wooden (LWRC) Pocock sculls are 115" (9'-7") long with 33" (2'-9") inboard.


Stan Pocock, at the Festival, said the double was built for lightweights or women since the stretchers were sloped (so you don't hit your calfs when set short). He also thought it was built in 1979 and said that any cross-braced double can be rigged as a pair.


WA code allows extensions of 3ft beyond the front bumper and 15ft behind the center of the rear axle. The 2X is 31'-8" long. 31'-8" minus 3' minus 15' equals 13'-8" for the min distance between your front bumper and the center of your rear axle to be street legal. Subaru from front to back axle is 12' so 15+25+3=30 - we are 1'-8" over the limit. That being said, my experience is that they don't enforce minor infractions.

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