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Live Fire Cooking Theater

Franklin Park Conservatory and Community Garden
Columbus, OH Plan

Gardening, produce and cooking are hand in glove. The extraordinary Community Garden Center at the Franklin Park Conservatory will be distinguished by a Live Fire Cooking Theater at the Summer Kitchen. The Summer Kitchen will be surrounded by the culinary gardens and orchard. It will be the perfect venue for the excitement of all methods of historical and modern outdoor live fire cooking.

The Live Fire Cooking Theater will incorporate the assembly of five styles of outdoor live fire cooking. Interest will be drawn to the method that is most appropriate for the cooking project, demonstration or experiment.

The large 48" SUPERIOR CLAY RUMFORD cooking fireplace will be the center for spit cooking, pot crane cooking, all methods of hearth cooking, and Dutch oven cooking.

The SUPERIOR CLAY 36" wood fired oven will be a most versatile site for pizza and bread baking and all manner of vegetable, meat and fish roasting.

The extra large BIG GREEN EGG will do the best service for the theater's smoker and multipurpose indirect heat grill and roaster.

The 36" AZTEC wood and charcoal grill will be scene for direct heat grilling and rotisserie cooking.

Site under construction
And in the center of the theater's patio space will be a fire circle to accommodate camp fire cooking including tripod cooking as well as s' more roasting. Who can resist sitting around a camp fire with friends?

One can only imagine the energy of a group of cooks and gardeners gathered within the Live Fire Cooking Theater with all the "fires blazing." It will evoke imagination, culinary adventure and most of all the good natured congregation of friends bound by the interest of live fire cooking of the garden's bounty.

Jim Budros, 10/29/08

Workshop to build Rumford and Oven - 7/30/09
Jim Budros, vision
Larry Razbadouski, Development Officer, Franklin Park Conservatory
Bill Gerhardt, Green Spaces
Peter Burke and son, Irish Masonry
Columbus Coal and Lime & Superior Clay, components and materials for Rumford and oven

and a little while later...

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