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From: "Lars Helbro"
To: "Jim Buckley"
Subject: Thank you for your reply
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 23:55:43 +0100

Dear Jim Buckley

Thank you for putting me on your list, and thank you for your reply. I have studied your homepage with great pleasure,- it looks very very nice.

According to your ask for suggestion to market your beautifull fireplaces in DK, i will put at link from my homepage to yours for a start.

I will try shortly to tell you a little about my self.

Im a little like you, a writing worker. I like to make realities (real things) and i have at the same time a big need to express my self. In Denmark i have for nearly 10 years been the only person to feed as well the public as the political life, with information about efficiant burning of wood in domestic houses. I have done this trough official goverment magasins, and magasins from the grassrott organisations.

I have a saying about public heatsupply that i suppose an Indian could have sayd: "White man makes big fire and sits fare away" This comes from a very long discussion about efficiency.

I care most about what it does to people, to be able to look into a living fire and to enjoy this special kind of heat,- a good heat,- not just enough.

My custumores,- (i can se that it is wrong spelt, but foregive me),- are from every lay of sociaty. My way of working is, that i live with the people i work for, as long as it takes to build what they want (depending of the mony of course). This way i learn a lot of very different peoples lifes, and i feel a little ritcher every time. Lately im more often allowed to build quit without any kind of drawings,- just out of my head and the circumstanses.

My own cokestove could be an example:

Perhabs you have already seen it,- if so - sorry !

Masonry heaters are quit new in DK. Before 1989 nobody really knew about them, but Heikii Hytiiainen from Finland was here, and among others i learned from him and Doug Wood from Canada. In the meantime i have developed his concept, and transformed it into danish needs with good results.

The Danish institut of technoligi,- DTI, has tested my owens and cokestoves under quit ordinary conditions for,- efficiency, emission, and heattransfere throug the house. The results where very good,- 87% of the burningvalue became heat in the house, and 10% made just the nessesary draft in the chimney. The value of carbonmonooxid in the chimny was less than 0,1 at 7,5% carbondioxid. All together like a good oilburner. I am proud.

Some unions of houswifes (we have such things in Denmark) are very fond of me, because i have made some "talk shows" about making food for the family nowadays. To make food on a woodfired cokestove is quit another experience than in an ordinary modern kitchen, and the result is tastefull. You dont feel like in a rushed to be finish and get out of there because of all the noise from timesaving maschinery. Food is a basic need, and i think that we should enjoy to make it by making the kitchen a nice place to be for everyone in the family.

Enough for now,- i will try to translate my homepage and send it to you,- then you can tell me if i should consult a "pro". It will be some work, so dont expekt it tomorrow.

Best regards
Lars Helbro

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