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Jan 20, 2014

Good morning Jim,

I have an experienced mason on staff that is going to be building an outdoor rumford this spring. We are going through the technical details on how to build it. Currently the clients are thinking a 36”. We are going to lower the opening by 6” to help improve draft and any wind that might occur. What I am actually e-mailing you about this morning is the construction of this fireplace. I see that there is no backing wall behind the fire brick, it looks as if it was just filled solid. Do you see any issues with this in an outdoor situation? Also wondering if that is acceptable, if we should be using refractory mortar for the fill. I appreciate any other insights you may have with the construction of outdoor rumfords.

I appreciate your insight. Your website has helped me and my staff incredibly for the planning of the build of our first (and hopefully many more) rumfords.

Alex Kooima, President

[4/16/14 - Several more email messages about clay flue liner instalation and the expansion joint at the chimney cap.]

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