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From: Hendrik Lepel
to: buckley@rumford.com
date: Mon, Nov 1, 2010
subject: Outdoor Oven with Rumford Fireplace

Hi Jim,

How are things? I wrote you over a year ago but for whatever reason I never replied back to you. My appologies!

In the meanwhile i was able to build a Fireplace with the help of your plans for a Garden show last year in Dublin. I thought that might interest you. Please find the pics attached!

Unfortunately this oven doesn't exsist anymore as it was only build for the show! Now I have another chance to build one for a client here in Ireland...this time I'm going to attach a chimney in front of the oven to improve draft for the fireplace. At the show I was running out of time to do it...

The only thing I wonder is how tall should the chimney be to create enough draft for the 24inch Rumford?

And how much is a flue gatherer for the 24er Rumford.

All the best



Hi Jim,

The Outdoor kitchen is finished finally. The fireplace works well! But the timber has to be bone dry.

Hope to get more business with the integrated fireplace and if the budget allows I will consider to get the flue gatherer from you, since it took quit a while to build it myself.

hope you are well
Talk soon



It's nice to hear from you again - and thanks for the pictures. I am not at all clear how you managed to vent the fireplace under that oven. It looks great but there dosen't seem to be room for the fireplace throat and smoke chamber. Have you got a sketch or plan or construction photos you could send to me?

In your new project are you building the same combination fireplace/oven or just an oven or just a 24" Rumford fireplace? And will they be inside a house or outdoors?

Generally indoor chimneys that go through a roof are at least 15' (five meters) tall. Outdoor chimneys are often much lower as you can see from the pictures on our oven page but it's still a good idea to build the chimney tall enough to get the smoke above peoples' heads.

We will be happy to quote you a price to ship a 24" Rumford throat, damper and smoke chamber and/or a 24" oven to you in Dublin but, again, I'm not clear about what components you want so please tell me.

Jim Buckley

11/1/10 Hendrik sent the sketch to the right.


That's very interesting and I think clever. The closest we had come is the plan at http://www.rumford.com/oven/ovenabove.html Yours is a better idea. I had thought, after just looking at the picture, that you might have vented the fireplace back and under the oven.

I wonder how it would work. You just built it for the show and didn't try it, right? Would the smoke from the fireplace be too smoky? Would the fireplace dilution air and the larger oven flue cool the oven too much? Of course you could always close the fireplace damper and use the oven like any other stand-alone oven.

Here are my thoughts on the next iteration:

1) Use a 30" Rumford rather than the 24".

2) Use a K&W steel damper for the Rumford.

3) Fit the 24" or 36" oven with a flue with at least 75 sq.in. (484 sq.cm) of flue area - a 10" (25.4 cm) round or 12"x12" (30x30 cm) square flue.

4) Put a damper in the oven flue to close it down some when you are using only the oven.

5) To answer your question about the height of the chimney, it should be as tall as possible - one meter above the roof if inside and at least above peoples heads if outside.

I will ask Jeannie to quote you prices on our 24" and 30" Rumford throat, K&W dampers and 24" and 36" oven kits - all separate so you can pick whatever suits.

Jim Buckley

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