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Lincoln Landis, mason
From: "Catherine"
Subject: another rumford
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005

Hi, my husband and I are designing another house and want a multi-sided rumford or open one and found your website. I've attached our rumford, which is our heat source for the house. We have no heating or airconditioning, and live off the grid. If you are interested in more information or pictures, just let me know, I'd love to share. Thanks*

And on 6/15.......

Just in the early stages of designing, haven't even sold our house to buy the new land yet, but kicking around different ideas. We love how our Rumford works and warms the space and how that can translate to an even more open house than the one we are in now. When we get to the point where we might have some realistic questions we will contact you.

All solar power now, passive solar heating/ cooling. Rumford is a focal point. Our local fireplace builder had free reign and we were so happy with the outcome. Plus it works. We have all AC power inverted, I even have 220v in my shop for welding, no want for power. We have 15 kw total in our panels with onan back up generator. Our own well, and propane hot tub (most important)!! Propane starter in the Rumford (after a few years, it seemed to make sense), and propane for stove, etc. Almost all concrete walls and surfaces to absorb heat in winter from sun, or absorb cool night air in summer. It all works so well, we are now pushed to try more extreme experiences.

When we get closer we'll be in touch again with specific questions. Thanks so much for your response. Loved your website, so much great information. Thanks again and we'll be in touch.


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