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Special Air Wash Doors
for see-through fireplaces

Regular fireplace doors with an air wash to keep the glass cool and clean don't work well in see-through fireplaces. The air wash pushes the smoke toward the back - and in a see through, that's the other side so it smokes out of that side. If the fireplace is fitted with two doors, both air wash systems blows the smoke toward each other which results in turbulence in the firebox and both doors getting smokey.

So, here's an idea: Make a controllable air wash system that regulated the amount of air and the angle of the wash. Maybe with some adjustment, regulation and balancing we can keep both doors clean.

Did I mention that Back-to-back Rumfords are always more attractive, more versatile, more efficient and less troublesome than any "see-through" or "multi-sided" fireplace?

Dec 31, 2009
Mary Dietsch


We generally try to plan for 1/4" top, bottom and sides of our frameless glass doors.

The two inches at the bottom was an idea Andrew Rosenthal and I came up with to provide room air under the doors to "wash" the glass to keep the glass cool and to keep it from getting smoky. We are not sure that it will work but our best guess is to provide an air dam just behind the doors so that the air comes in under the doors and is diverted up against the glass.  I think the more rounded and streamlined it is the better - maybe the inside 90º section of a 2" diameter pipe. Andrew and I also talked about getting a 2" high intake vent built that would be below the doors.  It would have the same rounded inside shape but also have louvers on the outside to control the amount of air and the door would be installed on top of the box with the standard 1/4" clearance.

We didn't develop the idea. Maybe that is what you are charged with doing. Maybe you would sketch up a design and send it to me in draft before spending too much time on it. Attached is how I would do it.

Jim Buckley

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