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John, Mark and Tina,

Kevin Stack, a Syracuce, NY builder who often uses Rumford fireplaces, has sent me the attached new Leed rules which do not permit masonry fireplaces. The rules do allow masonry heaters and manufactured fireplaces that meet EPA emissions standards.

I wonder if any of you can help. How we can be involved?

As you all know, some masonry fireplaces are as clean-burning as masonry heaters and perhaps, as a class, masonry fireplaces are cleaner-burning and more efficient than manufactured fireplaces. Once again we have probably been left out for lack of a seat at the table - hopefully nothing more sinister.

It would seem to me that we may only need to make the case for masonry fireplaces supported by recent test data and request that masonry fireplaces be held to the same performance standards that masonry heaters and manufactured fireplaces must meet.

Please let me know your recommendations.

Jim Buckley


    In the attached reference guide go to page 121 - 122, the committee is again recommending changing the guidelines to reflect a mandatory measure not to allow any site built fireplaces. In other words you cannot have a home that has a site built fireplace to be included in the rating program. Kevin

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    Please send me the Leeds rules we talked about requiring tight-fitting doors on fireplaces. I'm only generally familiar with Leeds and would like to read the exact wording you are having to deal with.

    Best, Jim Buckley

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Page 121 that references fireplaces, etc is part of the section entitled Indoor Environmental Quality. I language was developed by the LEED-H core committee. The document was (or should be) out for public comment at some point. Because it is still in the pilot phase I believe comments can still be submitted to the LEED-Homes core committee. Influencing the LEED process is difficult. It is extremely difficult to get on the core committees.


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