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Codes and Standards
For Masonry Fireplaces and Chimneys

IRC Hearings, Baltimore, 3/11/11


2009 Masonry Codes & Specification Compilation. All current code requirements for masonry in one place. Click here.

International Code Council (ICC) 888 ICC SAFE (422 7233)*
International Building Code (IBC)
2021 International Residential Code (IRC)
2021 International Building Code (IBC)
National Fuel Gas Code
Metal Chimneys (IMC)
Decorative Shrouds (IMC)
Fireplaces/Gas Logs in Bedrooms
Gas Line Plumbing
Commentary on SLO rules about earthquake damaged masonry chimneys
Code Change Proposals for 2009-10
Code Change Proposals for 2012-13


2006 Alberta Building Code, Chimneys and Fireplaces
British Columbia 2018 Building Code Division B Section 9.22. Fireplaces 9.22.1
British Columbia 2018 Building Code Division B - Section 9.21. Masonry and Concrete Chimneys and Flues
Ontario Building Code (2012 OBC 9.21 & 9.22)

R2000 Masonry Chimneys and Fireplaces - CAN/CSA A405-M87
Clay Flue Liners - CAN/CSA A324-M88 (R2001)



American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)* - Email ASTM
ASTM Standards - fireplaces and chimneys - Information & Order from ASTM
C315 (clay flue lining)
C1283 (clay flue lining installation)
C27 (fireclay or high alumina firebrick)
C1261 (Firebox Brick for Residential Fireplaces)
C199 (refractory mortar)
E1602 (masonry heaters)
E2558 - fireplace emissions test standard
Article: A New Standard for ASTM - Clay Flue Installation C-1283
Revisions to C1283-02

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (Bob Zimmerman 847 272 8800 ex 43129
Notes on clearances to combustibles - UL 127, 1777, 903, etc.
Decorative Shrouds (IMC)
UL 103 Standard for Factory-Built Chimneys
UL 737 Standard for Fireplace Stoves
UL 907 Standard for Fireplace Accessories - heat exchangers, doors - not inserts
UL 1482 Standard for Solid-Fuel Type Room Heaters
UL 1777 Standard for Chimney Liners

ICC Evaluations


National Green Building Standard

2010 California Energy Code on Fireplaces Fireplace doors, combustion air and dampers.

2013 California Green Building Code on Fireplaces The California Green Building Code does not restrict masonry wood-burning fireplaces - pg 57

Leed - no masonry fireplaces

Minnesota Energy Code and Issues - tight houses - lots of links.
Comment on the Proposed Minnesota Energy Code

New Mexico Energy Code - One fireplace per residence allowed provided ???

New York State Building Code - Doors, tight-fitting dampers and combustion air.

Washington State Building Code - doors and air.


California Air Resources Board - Current Rules in Each of the 35 Air Districts


Masonry Chimney Clearances, 2013
NJ Code Allows 6" chimney walls in cantact with combustibles.
Clearances and Flue Lining Installation. ICC, 2007
Historic Fire Prevention Strategies, 2002
Fireplace Clearance to Combustibles Testing, 2000
National Fire Protection Association Codes (NFPA) Compete with ICC and lose.
NFPA 211 on Reduced Standards for Chimneys Venting Open Fireplaces
One and Two Family Dwelling Code 1996 Proposed Changes - the basis for the IRC
ASTM Clay Flue Lining Installation Standard, 1996
UBC Approves Rumford Fireplaces - 1991
1989 BOCA on Chimneys Venting Open Fireplaces
Rumford Fireplaces Approved by the BOCA in 1989
History of Building Code Development

Municipal Code Library
ICC Codes
International Code Council (download proposed code changes)
OnLine Code Check - help navigating the codes
Building Officials

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