Code History
History of Building Code Developement


Building Codes and Historic Rehabilitation Conference: Synopsis and Reflections By Caroline Alderson and Marilyn Kaplan, AIA in the Newsletter of the AIA Historic Resources Committee, 3/27/06

Development of the UBC in California
Building Standards Commission, State of California

History of Model Building Codes A short history on the St. Joseph, MO websit.

The history of building codes to the 1920s (CEDR) (CEDR) (Unknown Binding) by Stephen Tobriner (Author)

History of the Development of Building Construction in Chicago by Frank A. Randall, John D. Randall (Hardcover - September 1999)

Skilled Hands, Strong Spirits: A Century Of Building Trades History by Grace Palladino (Hardcover - January 31, 2005)

Reinforced Concrete and the Modernization of American Building, 1900-1930 (Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology) by Amy E. Slaton (Hardcover - May 1, 2001)

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