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Washington State Building Code

Washington State Ventilation And Indoor Air Quality Code
as it pertains to masonry fireplaces. For full text click here.


402.1 General: Solid fuel burning appliances and fireplaces shall satisfy one of the following criteria.

402.2 Solid Fuel Burning Appliances: Solid fuel burning appliances shall be provided with the following: .



402.3 Fireplaces: Fireplaces shall be provided with each of the following:

402.4 Masonry Heaters: Masonry heaters shall be approved by the Department of Ecology and shall contain both of the following:

a. Primary combustion air ducted from the outside of the structure to the appliance.

b. Tight fitting ceramic glass or metal doors. Flue damper, when provided, shall have an external control and when in the closed position shall have a net free area of not less than five percent (5%) of the flue cross sectional area.



Combustion air "ducted into the firebox" is rarely a good idea. Inadequate at best, it causes bad smells, blowing ash, turbulence enough to make the fireplace smoke and can be a fire hazard if it can backdraft. We have been successful in arguing that, as with masonry heaters, the combustion air can be brought "to the appliance" but not necessarily into the firebox or by following the IRC which allows the combustion air outlet to be located within 24" of the firebox.

We've been successful at eliminating glass doors in western Washington by arguing that, if the space is designed to have positive indoor pressure (as are most commercial buildings, lots of high end homes and any home on the upper floors), then, in essence, we do have a "flue draft induction fan or as approved for minimizing back-drafting" - only our fan is in the mechanical room (or wherever) not at the top of the chimney.

Mark Walker, Spokane, WA building official , will approve Rumfords without glass doors provided the house does not exceed 8 Pascals negative pressure (the limit on our guarantee), says Don Manfred of Design Works. Jerry Ensminger of TestCom (509 533 0498) will do the pressure test.

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