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Gas Pipe Code
(from the 2006 IRC)

SECTION G2415 (404)

G2415.1 (404.1) Prohibited locations. Piping shall not be installed in or through a circulating air duct, clothes chute, chimney or gas vent, ventilating duct, dumbwaiter or elevator shaft. Piping installed downstream of the point of delivery shall not extend through any townhouse unit other than the unit served by such piping.

G2415.2 (404.2) Piping in solid partitions and walls. Concealed piping shall not be located in solid partitions and solid walls, unless installed in a chase or casing.

G2415.3 (404.3) Piping in concealed locations. Portions of a piping system installed in concealed locations shall not have unions, tubing fittings, right and left couplings, bushings, compression couplings, and swing joints made by combinations of fittings.

1. Tubing joined by brazing.
2. Fittings listed for use in concealed locations.

G2415.4 (404.4) Piping through foundation wall. Underground piping, where installed below grade through the outer foundation or basementwall of a building, shall be encased in a protective pipe sleeve. The annular space between the gas piping and the sleeve shall be sealed.

G2415.5 (404.5) Protection against physical damage. In concealed locations, where piping other than black or galvanized steel is installed through holes or notches in wood studs, joists, rafters or similar members less than 1.5 inches (38 mm) from the nearest edge of the member, the pipe shall be protected by shield plates. Shield plates shall be a minimum of 1/16-inch-thick (1.6 mm) steel, shall cover the area of the pipe where the member is notched or bored and shall extend a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) above sole plates, below top plates and to each side of a stud, joist or rafter.

G2415.6 (404.6) Piping in solid floors. Piping in solid floors shall be laid in channels in the floor and covered in a manner that will allow access to the piping with a minimum amount of damage to the building. Where such piping is subject to exposure to excessive moisture or corrosive substances, the piping shall be protected in an approved manner. As an alternative to installation in channels, the piping shall be installed in a conduit of Schedule 40 steel, wrought iron, PVC or ABS pipe with tightly sealed ends and joints. Both ends of such conduit shall extend not less than 2 inches (51 mm) beyond the point where the pipe emerges from the floor. The conduit shall be vented above grade to the outdoors and shall be installed so as to prevent the entry of water and insects.

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