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The Kiva-Rumford is a happy marrage between a traditional Southwest Kiva fireplace and a traditional Yankee Rumford - the best of both traditions. The design evolved at a workshop in Santa Fe, NM when Fred Rodriguez shared with me his 400 year old family receipe for the rounded firebox and arch. As if "meant to be" the firebox fit almost exactly the base of our 30" Rumford one-piece throat. (I do adjust it a little, flattening the covings and fireback and sharpening up the corners as it approaches the throat out of sight above the arched opening.)

The arch is built so the top is tangent with the bottom curved surface of the Rumford throat. Then the pockets behind the arch as it drops below the throat must be filled with mortar, rounded and smoothed and feathered into the throat to make a streamlined compound curved surface so the dilution air will flow efficiently up through the small venturi Rumford throat.
The rest of the smoke chamber and chimney is built like any Rumford but the shape and finish is decidedly Southwestern. Leave that level with the bubble painted on in the corner.

Presto! The finished Kiva-Rumford. This one in the master bedroom of a "smart house" in Tucson, GreenHome 21.

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