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30" Certified Rumford

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Some places regulate fireplace emissions. While all Rumford fireplaces burn cleanly, three models, the 30", 36" and the 48", were tested by an independent test lab. The three Rumfords proved to be at least as clean-burning as EPA certified Phase II wood-stoves and Rumford fireplaces should be permitted anywhere these stoves are permitted.

Since each state and local area has slightly different rules, we have assembled the Manuals below to reflect these differences.

Arizona Certified Rumford Manual
California Certified Rumford Manual
Colorado Certified Rumford Manual
Washington Certified Rumford Manual

If you are building a Rumford in an area that does not regulate fireplace emissions, please use the standard set of Rumford Fireplace Instructions and be assured that your Rumford will be just as clean-burning as any of the "certified" models.

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