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Buckley Rumford Fireplaces

Models: R30 and R48
(with PM10 emissions less than 7.5 g/hr)

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Certified 48" Core Plan
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Buckley Rumford Fireplaces are certified by some areas in California that only permit wood-burning fireplaces that meet the EPA Phase II Stove standard by emitting less than 7.5 grams of PM10 pasrticulate matter per hour. This is a tough standard for fireplaces which tend to be larger than EPA stoves and don't tend to burn as slowly as stoves. We prefer the more fair fireplace equivalency standards acdcepted by the states of Washington and Colorado expressed in grams of particulate matter per kilogram of wood burned rather than as a rate that favors small stoves with a slow burn rate.

Nevertheless two of the Buckley Rumford fireplaces - the 30-inch and 48-inch models, with glass doors and a tuned air system - did meet the EPA stove "rate" standard in tests performed by EPA certified OMNI Environmental Services. The 30-inch Buckley Rumford fireplace emitted 5.08 grams of PM 10 per hour and the 48-inch Buckley Rumford fireplace emitted 7.10 grams of PM 10 per hour. Complete test results are reported at the end of this Manual.

For more information about fireplace emissions check out our Where Wood-burning is Regulated.

Non certified Buckley Rumford Fireplaces: If you are not building a "Certified Buckley Rumford Fireplace" required in Washington and parts of California, Colorado and other places that regulate fireplace emissions see the General Rumford Fireplace Instructions.

Guarantees: All materials used to build Buckley Rumford fireplaces, as specified in these Instructions, meet or exceed the appropriate ASTM standards and meet or exceed the requirements for masonry fireplaces set forth in all the national model building codes. Our customers have also asked us to guarantee that Buckley Rumford fireplaces will exhaust all the products of combustion, or "draw". There are many factors beyond our control which can affect the performance of any fireplace, the greatest of these being excessively negative indoor air pressure, but we are willing to make this qualified guarantee: If built according to these Instructions, Buckley Rumford fireplaces are guaranteed to exhaust all the products of combustion, provided the ventilation system in the house is balanced. For a more detailed discussion about balanced ventilation systems click here.

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