Forno Bravo
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004
From: James Bairey
Subject: Pizza ovens

Hi Jim,

I have always enjoyed reading your site, and wanted to write and introduce myself.

We are a new company that is importing Italian pizza ovens to the U.S., and we have created and posted a free set of plans on the Internet for building a traditional round Italian pizza oven. It is called the Pompeii Oven, in honor of the great brick ovens uncovered in Pompeii, and we have had a number of them built and others underway. The oven basically reflects the traditional oven style you see all around Italy.

I am a big fan of brick ovens, and have two Scott ovens in my house in California, and have become hooked on the Italian ones over the past few years. We are living in Italy now, and enjoying seeing and cooking in so many ovens.

I am not sure what your ideas are for linking to other sites, but we could enjoy having a link if you could do it. My goal is to make the wood-fired oven as popular in the states as it is here -- where it is as common as the BBQ. We are getting there in American, one oven at a time, and it is great working with people who install, use and love their ovens.

James Bariey

Forno Bravo, LLC
Authentic Italian Wood Fired Ovens
tel: (707) 836-0105 (USA)
39 333 175 0459 (Italy)
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