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Larry Carnes' Kiln

Larry's wood-fired oven takes three wheelbarrows full of soft wood (with a little oak) to get the kiln up to 2400 degrees F. The firebox is over a grate of silicon carbide. The fire is bridged over with 1-1/2" cordelite slabs with a slot at the back to direct the flue through the ware in the kiln and down to a slot in front of the kiln into the chimney.

Larry didn't think we could get our ovens anywhere near 2000 degrees.

Idea: Build our oven over a firebox like Larry's kiln. I think we'd eliminate the grate and use the wolf head air intakes. Even if it doesn't work little would be invested and we could always use the firebox for an ash pit or implement storage. but it might make our oven capable of being used as a kiln. And Jerry Frisch says the Fins are building some ovens like this because it doubles the cooking space.

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