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Superior Clay Bake Ovens
An Overview by Jim Buckley
How to Build a Superior Clay Oven
- [24" Oven] [36" Oven] [48" Oven]
How to Decide What Size Oven to Build
How to Build a Fire and Cook in a Black Oven
Code Issues
NSF, ANSI, UL, CSA Approvals?
Gas-fired Ovens
Secondary Air
Weather-proof Shell

Customer Feedback
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Live Fire Cooking Theater - Jim Budros
Cedar Ridge Winery - Pizza & Wine
Happy customer with 42" Rumford and oven (pictures)
Idaho Rumford, tipi fire & Oven (pictures)
Emmet Wolfe's pizza and his guru, Jeff Varasano's Famous New York Pizza Recipe
Massie Rumford and Oven (Great description of first fire and pizza)
How about an oven above the fireplace?
Another Oven-Over-Fireplace Design
Or this compact Irish Over/Under?
Or a Japanese design?
Let's re-think idea of oven in the fireback
Rod Zander on Soapstone
Don Taylor - technical questions about ovens.
And Don's observations on cooking in an oven
Cracked Oven Outer Shell
See "Cooking Rumfords" on picture gallery page.

Cooking, History and Information
Cooking in a Masonry Fireplace or Oven
San Francisco Baking Institute teaching oven referred by the MHA
The many uses of a wood-fired oven LA Times, 6/12/08
Mother Earth article on bread, gluten, whole wheat and your own stater
Frank Miller, personal chef to the stars
Jeff Varasano's Famous New York Pizza Recipe
The Complete Resource Guide for Grilling
Cook Eat Share - an interesting group of chefs who share recipies - some who cook with open fire- ref: Amos Miller
Bread History and Practice facebook group.
Historic Ovens
Poplar Forest - Jefferson's "other" house, with Rumford, ovens, set kettle and stew stove.
1720 pub oven in fireback
Gov's House in Williamsburg c1760
Grimaldi's pizzaria NY coal-fired ovens - ref by Greg Pappas
New Jersey Oven c1740
Modern Ovens
Superior Clay Ovens
Indian Tandoor Ovens
Mikal Thronson's Vault Ovens for Artisana Bakers.
BrickWood Ovens DIY Ovens
Chicago Brick Ovens
Cappy's wood-fired oven.
Pat Manley's oven at Fore Street in Portland, ME.
EarthStone Wood-Fire Ovens
Fogazzo Wood Fired Ovens and nice letter.
Fontana Ovens & Grills Portable non-traditioanl imported Italian oven
Forno Bravo lots of information. Letter from distributor.
Italian Ovens in Lucca
Commercial Itailian Oven - note "plug" and Inside
Mugnaini Ovens
le Panyol Ovens and Albie Barton's Wildacres workshop.
Renato Ovens and Rotisseries
Conte Rumford and Renalto Oven
Wood Stone Corporation, home ovens. & Pizza Oven
"Ultimate Resource Guide for Cooking" by Ryan Morse

More Oven Information
Oven Cooking Tips
The Magic of Fire by William Rubel
Pretty good article on why a masonry oven is better for -pizza than a typical kitchen oven by Rosie Alderson, PhD
The Bread Builders by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott
The Bread Site of the Masonry Stove Builders
Building an Ofenbauer in Northern Italy - or, as Mik says, "this is a Tyrolean oven", forerunner of the Pennsylvania 'Squirrel tail ovens'. English version Part One and Part Two.
Eli Fairon's article, "How to build a pizza oven"
Rado Hand: traditional low-cost ovens, tutorials
Build Your Own Earth Oven by Kiko Denzer More about the book
Pink Bird - Article on how to build a pizza oven
Steph Miscovich - On Black Ovens White Ovens and Grey Ovens
Franks' Outdoor Brick Oven
Comments on squirrel tail oven design
Budros on heat-up time
Renaissance Man Builds Oven and Rumford
Foamglass Insulation
Larry Carnes' Kiln
Wood for Pizza Ovens

Superior Clay Bake Ovens
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