Buckley Rumford Fireplaces

Buckley & Todd Taylor building two 30" Rumfords

Bernhardt's Rumford and brick oven
New Construction Production Series

Rumford Fireplace Construction Process
Here are the "construction process" pictures. They are intended to complement the plans and instructions and give the mason more information than the finish pictures in the picture gallery.

There are several series of pictures and some random shots. I recommend you start with the straight forward new construction "production" series even if you're more interested in the "kiva" or the 1950's "Rumfordization of an old rusted out Heatalator or the Victorian "conversion".

Build the Core - Then Veneer
Neat Job site - strong firebox
Rumford and oven in a log home
Mosgeller's Rumford in an Old House
Hollend's Five Foot Rumford
Astons build their own five foot Rumford
Tennessee R60 construction pictures
Rumford Class in Wisconsin
New Mexico Adobe Workshop
"Rumfordization" of 1950's Fireplace
Victorian Coal Fireplace Conversion
New Kiva-Rumford
"Rumfordizing" a 1970's Fireplace
Miller's Red Saltbox
Old FlueWorks Pictures
Random "in Progress" Shots
Outdoor Rumford in Vermont
Energy Efficient Rumford
Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trade
Cob Rumford in Oregon
Bob Vila Endorses Rumfords
Plantation in Costa Rica with Rumfords

Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
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