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To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: First Fire in 42"
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008


This is the first fire in the 42" Rumford! We still have a lot of finish work to do (like parging and plastering the surround, etc.). But the box itself is burning beautifully. Not even the tiniest bit of smoke came into the room, it burned bright, clean and very warm! I'm really grateful that I found your company and could take advantage of the Superior Clay throat!

The only thing that freaks me out a little is the little orb that formed above the fireplace when I used the "starry night" mode on my camera! Until now, I hadn't given ghosts a second thought!

I'll send you some more pics when we get things looking cleaner!


January 24, 2011

Hi Jim... Just wanted to send you some "after" shots of my 42" Rumford. It's built to your specs, and includes a superior clay throat. One fire takes the room temperature from about 60F to 76F in about an hour and a half. Pretty cool.

Steven Gary Smith

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