Rumford Technical Discussion
Smoky Fireplace Examples

Damper Not Fully Open
Tight House AND Damper Not Fully Open
Short chimney and house too tight
Shape of chimney top and house too tight
Outside Air Causes Fireplace to Smoke
House too tight
Chimney too short
Not built correctly
Too tall, too tight and not built right
Another too tall, too tight - two year saga
Big Return Air Too Close?
Don't test in summer
Smoky Outdoor Fireplaces
Multi-sided Fireplaces
Clogged Intake Filter
Damper Not Fully Open

Very few Buckley Rumford fireplaces smoke and so far we have been able to correct them all. The examples above are typical of the problems we encounter and how we correct them.

To draw correctly a Buckley Rumford fireplace must

  • be built according to our Instructions with the right sized throat and flue, etc., and
  • be free of restrictions such as a partially closed damper or restricting cap or improper spark arrester, and
  • be vented into a chimney that draws when it's cold, which usually means that the chimney is taller than the house, and/or
  • be within a house or building that has an adequate and balanced ventilation system so that the fireplace doesn't have to fight against too much negative pressure.

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