Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
(core materials for Rumford fireplace 42" wide by 42" tall)

90 standard 9" x4.5"x2.5" firebrick
(150 firebrick are needed if laid flat)
50# bag HeatStop 50 hydraulic (dry) refractory mortar
(Heatstop premixed refractory mortar okay in dry climates for an indoor firebox)
50# $
Frisch Air System (right and left wolf head air intake blocks)20#$
Rumford Throat: One-piece 42"x15"x15" or
Segmented (3.5 throat tiles, lintel, 2 coving ext.)
Large Cast Iron Rumford damper,
K&W #1742 heavy steel Rumford damper
30" Vestal damper or chimney top damper
9# $
13"x18" or 16"x16" Smoke Chamber135#$
13"x18"x 2' or 16"x16"x2' clay flue liners
(or 14" diameter round flue - use 16"x16" Smoke Chamber)
90# ea.$
Certified Bi-fold Door 70#$
Certified Manual (Instructions, Registration, Warrantee, Label)--
"Building a Fire in Your New Fireplace"--

Additional materials, such as brick, block, concrete and mortar will be needed.

The 42" wide Rumford is a big fireplace suitable for large living areas, especially ones with high ceilings. The 42" height and widely flared covings of the Rumford make it look much bigger than other 42" wide fireplaces.

Superior Clay Corporation manufactures many different throats, smoke chambers and clay flue liners for Rumford fireplaces as well as Standard masonry fireplaces. Custom sizes and design help available.

The 42" Certified Rumford, however, is carefully controlled. You can change the color of the firebrick or use either a masonry or metal chimney but the size of the firebox and the components that may affect emissions must be built as specified in the Manual. You must use the components listed above including the Frisch Air System and the Certified Doors provided.

Call or write for more information about herringbone fireboxes, terra cotta mantels and decorative clay chimney pots.

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Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
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