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The Magic of Fire:
Hearth Cooking: One Hundred Recipes for the Fireplace or Campfire

by William Rubel, Ian Everard (Illustrator)

Great new book! Well researched, with a world wide and historical perspective, and full of literary quotations about hearth cooking from Euripides and Dickens to Snow White, William Rubel's book is the best I've seen on hearth cooking.

Ian Everard's illustrations, are so attractive that the book is as much a coffee table book as a cookbook. And they add immeasurably to the clarity of the text, showing the various fireplaces and tools and how foods should look when cooked properly on the hearth.

I haven't tried many of the recipes yet but I have had dozens of calls inquiring about our ovens and cooking fireplaces because William was kind enough to recommend Rumford fireplaces in his "list of suppliers". I think this book will be a best seller for William.

The irony is that Rumford, who is given credit by many for inventing the modern cookstove, also gets some attention in a book about the "magic" of hearth cooking.

By all means, read this book. It'll inspire you to build a fireplace (and maybe an oven) and get with the program.

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