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How to I order the thru wall chain contrrol for a 30 inch rumford, that would be a 9 x 24 inch damper, and any installation instructions. thanks Henry



We do not make a thru-wall chain control for any of the K&W dampers. It's a good idea but since smoke chamber walls have different thicknesses and customers have different ideas about what looks nice on the front of their mantel or surround, we have never been able to design standard hardware for a thru-wall control.

Nevertheless several of our mason customers do make their own.

Start with enough 1/4" brass pipe to fit through the wall and some brass clock chain that will fit through the pipe. You can bolt the chain to the top of the damper valve instead of the poker control handle, run it through the pipe and affix some knob or ring of your choosing to the chain above the fireplace opening. Usually you don't need to lock the chain in a slot or bracket but you could. Some have reported the valve is hard to close. You can't push very well with chain. But you might be able to stop the valve against the pipe so that it will fall shut when you release the chain. Or you could leave the chain long or leave the poker handle on so you can yank the damper closed if necessary.

Again, it's a nice feature but there are design and adjustment details that make it something we can't yet promote for anyone to install.

Let me know if you have questions or if you have design ideas. I would like to pursue the idea.

Jim Buckley

Alternative Side Wall Damper Control

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I work for a gc in Jackson, WY. We are building a 48x48 Rumford. As discussed, please see attached pictures, our welder developed the system.

    Alans Welding 307 733 7599
The round cylindrical tube on the shaft is a sleeve with a ball bearing on each end, this will go through the structural cmu and through the stone veneer. A decorative metal handle will be welded on for nice finish look.

Thank you,
Cody (and John)

Cody Enzler
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Jackson WY Rumford Damper Modification
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