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How to Decide on What Size

The 36" oven - and all these designating dimensions are inside diameters - has been our best seller. But now we have new 24" and 48" ovens and they are really sweet.

With the new liner design you don't even have to enclose the oven with masonry - the outside of the base and entrance components can be the final finish as in this 24" oven

We built a 36" oven in our office thinking that the 24" was just too small to cook more than one pizza at a time with a fire in the oven. Turns out that we can't make the pizzas fast enough to get more than one in at a time. At 1,000 to 1,200 degrees F, our pizzas are done in 90 seconds - faster than we can make them.

So maybe it depends on how much room you have. Any of the sizes, with 8" thick walls, need a platform at least 16" larger than the diameter. A 24" oven needs at least 40", a 36" oven needs 52", etc.

The oven on the left is an old style 24" oven and it's pretty adequate.

If I had a restaurant I'd build the 48" oven.


24" Oven

New 24" Oven

36" Oven

48" Oven

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