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Dealers who sell Rumford fireplace and masonry chimney components and materials or chimney pots and who would like to be listed on our Dealer page, please CLICK HERE.

Architects, engineers or designers who specify Rumford fireplaces, masonry chimneys and chimney pots and who would like to be listed on our Architects, Engineers & Designers page, please CLICK HERE.

Builders or Landscape Contractors who include Rumford fireplaces or masonry ovens in the homes or landscapes you build and who would like to be listed on our Builders page, please CLICK HERE.

Masons who build Rumford fireplaces and masonry chimneys and who would like to be listed on our Masons page, please CLICK HERE.

Sweeps who clean and repair masonry fireplaces and chimneys and who would like to be listed on our Chimney Sweeps page, please CLICK HERE.

Why be listed: If you sell, design, specify or build Rumford fireplaces and masonry chimneys, we want your listing. It helps us find each other. And it helps our customers find us.

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It is possible to make email addresses available to the people who need them while not making them readily available to spammers. It's called "munging which is explained at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Address_munging. Munging has some disadvantages in that it makes it more difficult for your customers to send an email message to you. But you decide. If you want us to "mung" your email address, we certainly will. Just tell us how you'd like it to read or be "munged" when you email us requesting your lisitng.

Enhansements: If you actively promote Rumford fireplaces and the masonry industry - and especially if you send us a picture of one of the Rumfords you've designed or built - we will be happy to create a free website "page" for you, linked to your listing. It will increase your internet exposure and add interest to our website helping us both.

Related associations and businesses: We are happy to list and link to related industry associations and businesses but we are not willing to link to just anybody in an effort to fool Google and improve our ratings. We want our website to be clean, relevant and useful to our customers who are looking for Rumford fireplaces and related products and services. If you want to share links with us CLICK HERE.

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