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Tim Kyllo, Architect
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Dear Jim:

I'm an architect here in Sedona and my client, Gail Heyer*, has already been in contact with you. They want to do one of your wood burning fireplaces. The city's code is brand new (went into effect August 10th) so they are still feeling their way through this process.

The biggest difficulty I see getting the approval is that it is a "fireplace" versus and epa approved woodstove. I also saw on some of your notes for Maricopa county that EPA would not approve fireplaces, even if the emmissions was equivalent (I don't understand this, but maybe it doesn't matter).

Here is what we are going to do: we are going to find a lawyer in this region to present our case to the city, and have him work in coordination with you. We simply feel we need a lawyer to focus city officials on the fact that your product meets the required emission standards. As soon as we have selected the attorney we will have him contact you. From your work in Maricopa county, would you happen to have any recommendations?

I look forward to getting this approved in Sedona.


Charles Van Block

From: "Tim Kyllo"
Subject: Minimum Phase II standards EPA
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003

I am trying to build a Rumford Fireplace in Sedona, AZ .. They currently have an ordinance against wood burning fireplaces except those that meet EPA Phase II Standards, and have been certified as such. Do Rumford fireplaces meet this standard.

Tim Kyllo


The short version of a very long answer is that the EPA exempts fireplaces and the EPA Phase II Standards referenced are specific to air-tight stoves. In the past ten years the states of Colorado, Washington and a number of areas in California and other states, in conjunction with the EPA itself, the Hearth Products Association, the Western States Clay Product Association and at least two EPA certified independent test labs, have developed "equivalent" standards appropriate for fireplaces and masonry heaters.

We do meet those "equivalent" standards and have been approved in Colorado, Washington and several areas in California. See on our website the Manuals for our "Certified Rumfords" at and at

My recommendation is to print off one of these Manuals, or at least the test results at and submit them with your application for a building permit to build the 30", 36" or the 48" Certified Rumford Fireplace. You may be approved. If they deny your approval your have at least two good options: 1) appeal and we'll help you and 2) build the fireplace with gas logs installed. I would do both and maybe reserve the appeal until your home is finished. Gas logs are a pretty good fall-back option. See pictures and description at As required by the National Fuel Gas Code gas logs must be installed only in code compliant solid fuel fireplaces. So, if you win the appeal, you'll already have the fireplace and you won't have to install the gas logs.

I have heard about the new Sedona ordinance but I haven't seen the language. Would you be so kind as to fax or mail me a copy?

Warm regards,
Jim Buckley

Straightline Masonry LLC
1265 Cavalry Circle
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
928 300 9251 (fax 928 634 2570)
Steve Lodmell - working in Sedona


Jim, this is Steve Again, the Rumford that was approved in Sedona I am going to Build. The Couple Building the Home were going to can the Plans and Sell the Lot because they couldn't have the Fireplace. I Suggested they try your Web Site. I had been doing Research on the Rumfords, and thought they should look at them. She came back to me saying Sedona would let the Rumford be Built. So here I am, not actually having Built one is not the Problem. I Believe I can Build any Fireplace, and Build it Right. The General Contractor has Asked me to Get in Touch with you. by Phone. I will Call wed. Jan. 14. I will need to Know is the 42 " a Certified Rumford, and do you have Test results on it. and Kits Cost and Availiability. the Heyer Res. is the home in Sedona. My Personal House will Have a Kiva Rumford, and a 36" or 42" Rumford. Yavapai Co. will let you Build Fireplaces at Present, but I think not for long. Lumbermans Building Centers May be Another Very Good Dealer for Certified Rumfords in the Verde Valley Area. Sadona and Cottonwood 18 mi. Apart. Since Sedona Likes the Rumfords it Seems. The Homes Built there are Million Plus Homes and I have Built Many Fireplaces there, and have Masonry Cont. Friends there that have Built Many, but none I know have Built a Rumford. We hope to be able to Built Many More.

Thank You Jim, and Count Rumford. Steve Lodmell / Straightline Masonry LLC

Sanba International
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Suite 449
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Simone Mussa - working on hse with 4 Rs

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