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The Home Ranger Helps You Figure It Out

by Roger Peugeot, Tim Carter

"My first book! I co-authored this handy reference book with Roger Peugeot. Inside this 342 page paperback book you will find all sorts of helpful information that will allow you to diagnose and solve problems around your house, condominium or apartment. It is a must-have book if you happen to be a new homeowner.

Here is what Richard Trethewy - the Plumbing, Heating & Cooling expert from This Old House has to say about it: "Buying a home is a big investment and home repairs shouldn't be taken lightly. After attending their closing, the first thing every new homeowner should do is head straight for the nearest book store and get a copy of The Home Ranger Helps You Figure It Out!".

What is in the Book?

  • Questions and Answers to More Than 200 Common Household Problems/Dilemmas
  • Expert Advice on New Home Construction, Upgrading, Replacing, and Remodeling
  • Troubleshooting Guides, Product Manuals, and Do's & Don'ts
  • Quick Reference Tips for Emergencies
  • Complete Collection of Website Addresses and Toll Free Numbers for 500 Home Product Manufacturers

Tim's website,>Ask The Builder, is full of useful tips and has long been listed as a linki useful to builders on the website. - Jim Buckley

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