Martin Barnes, Mason

Martin Barnes is shown lying on the mantle of the Rumford
fireplace he built in the Dewey Beach house near
Deception Pass on Fidalgo Island northwest of Seattle
on Puget Sound in Washington State. He did all the masonry for the house.
This picture makes him look small because the firebox is ten feet wide.This fireplace,
designed by Allen Elliot, is the largest Rumford known. It's also featured at to.html .

Martin Barnes specializes in custom stone designs for residential customers in the northwestern Washington area. As seen in the accompanying photographs his work encompasses a wide variety of materials and styles. He likes designs that use natural stone that is available thoughout the Puget Sound area, as well as materials that need custom cutting and fitting such as granite and marble. He also has extensive experience with brick designs. He has recently learned the very rare skill of cutting and joining large granite and marble pieces into new designs. The huge Rumford fireplace pictured above is featured in the Rumford web site at: html. Martin and five assistants invested a whole year into the building of the fireplace and all the other masonry at the Deception Pass house.

This corner fireplace, a mixture of different-colored granite,
has its stones hand split at an 86 degree angle to produce its unique battered-corners look.

The entryway of the Stonecroft House in Anacortes, Washington.
The design is by the architect Michael Shoffner of Seattle (206-527-1281).

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