Comment on the Proposed Minnesota Energy Code
As it Impacts Masonry Fireplaces
7672.0900 Mechanical Systems
Subp 8 Protection against depressurization.

A. Definitions

.... (2) "Closed controlled combustion wood-burning appliance" means a wood stove or pellet stove or fireplace capable of efficient heating and controlled combustion. The appliance must include doors with gaskets or flanges that permit tight closure and glass or ceramic panels which must be tightly sealed or gasketed in their frames.

(3) "Decorative wood-burning appliance" means an appliance, usually a fireplace, intended primarily for viewing of the fire and which may or may not incorporate doors that substantially close off the firebox opening when the appliance is in operation.

B. One of four paths identified in this item must be followed to provide against excessive depressurization.

7672.1000 Residential Ventilation System

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