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Lincoln Thomas
Tucson Building Official
C 520 349 9294
(Submitted code proposal locally to allow "combustibles if shown to be 14" from interior lining surface of which 8" is solid masonry" - allows ledgers & framing.) 8/99

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Duane L. Lasley, CBO
Building Official
City of Duluth
210 City Hall, 411 W 1st Street
Duluth, MN 55802
218 723 3301 or 218 723 3307 (fax 218 723 3557)
(Came to CSI seminar 9/00. Knowlegeable about energy code)

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New York

Jim Salmon's Home Inspection Website
With home repair resources and online discussion boards
Michael LaLonde
PO Box 187
Albion, NY 14411
585 589 5650

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Mark Walker, Spokane, WA building official , will approve Rumfords without glass doors provided the house does not exceed 8 Pascals negative pressure (the limit on our guarantee), says Don Manfred of Design Works. Jerry Ensminger of TestCom (509 533 0498) will do the pressure test.

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Dennis Johnson
County Building Official
200 S. Willow (at Simpson - county adm bld, E side)
Jackson, WY
307 733 7030
(Met 7/24/99 - would help set up AIA seminar)

Steve Hockett
City of Jackson Building Official
Jackson, WY

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